Watch-Dog Timing Systems

Sports Timing Equipment for Human and Dog Sports!!



Offering affordable Electronic Judging Systems for flyball and Inline speed skating:
-Watch-Dog Mini
Console and PC Based -InLine/Ice Speed Skating Timing Systems!!!

Watch-Dog Mini ADVANCED Flyball Timing system

Avaliable NOW!!!

New Avanced Fetures:

  • Completely new 2x16 character display, Microprocessor & Program

  • Race and Practice Modes

  • Display and Review Start, Lap, Total Times (up to 20 laps)

  • Lap Faults also logged (up to 20 laps)

  • Display of faulted laps with light tree (BFA or Belgian flyball versions)

  • Brighter External Display

  • NEW Sintra Plastic Stands!!

  • Same Easy Setup!!!

See my page for More Details!!

Some More Pics!!!!!






And the old Mini With Bailey!!!!!


Sintra Jump Sets In Stock!!

Sintra Jump sets starting at only 210.00!!!!!

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Watch-Dog PC Based Speed Skating/Track timing system


Watch-Dog Console Speed Skating/Track timing system


Watch-Dog Mini Flyball Timing system


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Watch-dog Timing Systems

Watch-Dog Mini update:

Now displays Lap Split and total times!!!

Click here for Details!!

Improve your game, Host realistic interclub events with your own Watch-Dog Flyball Electronic Judging System!

Watch-Dog Mini Flyball Timing system


To order Call:

Watch-Dog Flyball (248) 363-1745

Or Email for more information

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Breaking News 2-15-2011:

Site update: Watchdog-Flyball now focusing it's product offerings to only:
- Mini-Flyball
- Inline Systems
Sintra JumpSets

Now offering Sintra jump sets at a new LOWER PRICE... 199.00 Per set + shipping Click Here For Details:Watch-Dog Sintra Jump Sets

Watch-Dog Flyball Now Only offering Sintra jump sets!!! Click Here For Details:Watch-Dog Sintra Jump Sets